Naomi Jones

The glitch images in this gallery were all derived from images produced by The website uses a generative adversarial network trained on pictures of real people to create the likeness of imaginary people. Because these faces were assembled from pieces of other faces, I thought it would be interesting to split them into their features. I used a mix of HxD, Audacity, and pixelsorting to create these glitches, and most images have been run through multiple programs.

HxD and Audacity

I have been interested in game design and digital art for several years, though most of what I’ve made has been clunky and unpolished. I’m most interested in taking this class to learn how to create something more finished and less restricted by the specific tools I’ve been taught before. More generally, I want to force myself to explore my creativity through something I really like to do, coding.

Samples of the first things I built:

A maze map built on Unity
The first three paragraphs of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

While this worlcloud does not give many hints about the details of Treasure Island, it does a lot to establish the tone and atmosphere of the book. You can spot a few words that are not in common usage today, such as “mought” and “sabre,” that give off an old-world feel. There are also quite a few sea-faring terms like “captain” and “seaman,” as well as “treasure,” “sea-chest,” and “yo-ho-ho,” which are associated with piracy. It is also worth noting that the word “looking” stands out the most in a story about a search for buried treasure.